You can choose among our gorgeous proposals… churches, cloisters, gardens and terraces with amazing sea views, villas, palaces, castles… enchanted places, all set in the wonderful scenery of the Amalfi Coast!

Have a look at these marvellous locations for ceremonies and wedding receptions… we can provide you a customised wedding package or honeymoon package to suit all your needs and we’ll take care of all the details, so you are free to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life!

Get overwhelmed by this romantic atmosphere and feel free to contact us today… we’ll be delighted to help you and make your dream come true….

Without doubt, one of the most magic spots in all of Italy is the Amalfi Coast - a fairytale corner that'll steal your heart. Here, traditional towns with the colour of ice creams dot a coastline so beautiful that you can’t imagine.

Wild rugged cliffs plunge into a deep blue sea that sparkles like diamonds and the dreamy scent of citrus trees and wild flowers hangs in the air like expensive French perfume, so sweet you'll wish you could bottle it up and take it home. Hundreds of weddings are celebrated here every year… couples coming from all over the world, fascinated by this piece of paradise, choose these places as a romantic scenery of the most beautiful day of their life!

One of the most popular spots to tie the knot is Sorrento, a chic resort that'll sweep you off your feet. One of the first things you'll notice is the location. Perched on a cliff that drops sheer into the sea, it keeps a watchful eye over the breathtaking Bay of Naples and has a view of Mount Vesuvius, too. In the town itself, narrow little streets open out on piazzas laced with cafés and boutiques.

The clip-clop of hooves fills the air as horse and carriages clatter by. And waiters in candlelit trattorias serve your evening meal with a flourish and a smile. The flower-filled Cloister of San Francesco is the perfect place to exchange your wedding vows and just one of the magical settings we can offer you.

Further along the coastline, you'll find more equally enchanting spots to sign up to a lifetime of wedded bliss. Couples all over the world swoon at the mere mention of Positano, a gem of a resort loved by the rich and famous. Celebrate your wedding on a breathtaking sea view terrace, against a backdrop of pastel-washed houses that spill down the hillside. Or, instead, head for Amalfi, an authentic slice of Italy with more charm than the waiters who'll bring you your morning espresso.

Of course, with the ceremony taken care of, it's time for your honeymoon to begin. And you couldn't be better placed for it. Whether you're browsing the racks of designer boutiques in nearby Capri or taking a romantic stroll through the charming town of Ravello. Enjoying the breeze in your hair on a boat ride or discovering the frozen city of Pompeii - it's all there, waiting for you!

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